[Interview] Even if you know the original Asdal Chronicles,

The mobile MMORPG ‘Medal Chronicles’, which Net marble F & C is under development, finally unveiled the veil. Net marble welcomes visitors by preparing a ‘Medal Chronicles’ demonstration booth in G-Star this year. ‘Medal Chronicles’ is a mobile MMORPG based on the original drama. Through the demonstration version, you can experience the field battle between the narrative-based immersive play, the real-time environmental change, the living content, and the three outlaws that are the mercenary forces.

It is no exaggeration to say that it is now a red ocean. The characteristics of the Medal Chronicles, which challenged the MMORPG genre, which was more competitive than ever before, was found in a written interview with Net marble F & C’s development PD.

■ ‘Medal Chronicles’ armed with the charm of OK, even if you don’t know the original work
Q. In the Medal Chronicles, there are unique languages that the dramas were created by themselves. What is the possibility of being implemented in the game?

= Among the representative languages in the drama, the language of the brain, the Memo, and the Wuhan also appear in the game. At the beginning of the planning, the language of various tribes and the unique terms in Medal were used in the direction of using a lot of unique terms, but there are many terms to be learned in the game, which is difficult to understand easily.

Q. The scene when I failed at the ATE event was fun. What was specially introduced?

= Instead of conveying the story unilaterally, it was introduced to deliver the story more interestingly through the elements that can interact with users in the right scene.

Q. It is an unusual and unique case to develop a drama as a game. Do you have a chance or motivation to start this project?

= When I decided to game the Medal Chronicles IP, I personally interested in dramas and film production, so I have been studying film directing and scenarios for a long time, so I started developing and expanding the worldview. Poured it. As a result, there was a satisfactory result, and the artists were also satisfied. Even now, the development situations are being communicated using personal characters.

Q. Is there any difference from the game of webtoons, web novels, and animations? What was hard for the game?

= It is true that there is a burden to put a little more realistic settings than web novels, webtoons, and animations. Of course, the Medal Chronicles is a ‘fantasy-based drama’, so the game settings have been pleased with the artists, but they also used a unique story because they could not conflict with the solid worldview and scenario settings caught in the drama.

In particular, Medal, not Ago, was created an outlaw, a mercenary forces, and the user set it as a story that was crossed in the age of Medal Ago while solving his story as an apprenticeship. In addition, this story was combined with game characteristics, creating MMORPGs of the three forces that combined one mercenary forces. This is the core element created through the most concerns in the early days.

Q. Is there a unique identity or characteristic of this game that can attract users who don’t know or don’t watch?

= It seems to be the answer to some extent in the above, but in a little more explanation, the game is unfolded in the game. To briefly explain the lawless forces, all the stories begin with the founder of the Black Marian, a mercenary who is secretly expanding the power at the beginning of the war between Ago and Medal.

And he follows the story of the protagonist born between the mother and the human father (more physical ability than human and a wildlife-like vision, a private life). The purple village, which was gathered north of the brain and the massacre of the brain, and the slaughter of the brain, was slaughtered by the brains, which was slightly different from the brain angry we knew, and the unknown masked. The lost protagonist is raised by the mercenaries, and Near and Akin, who survived the village, are the story of tracking the white brain and the masked people who killed their parents. In this process, we will be able to feel the new fun of exploring the various characters and regions we saw in the drama.


Q. Do the characters like Wagon appear in the game?

= Many of the main characters we have seen in the drama will appear. In addition to Wagon, Silver Island, Tasha, Tanya, and Says, they will appear as much as possible, as well as ten-handed people, lumps, chameleon, both tea, and unlimited people. However, in G-Star, it is a pity to deal with the early and G-Star regions, but you can only meet Wagon.

Q. What is the same time as Season 2? How much is the story before and after the drama content?

= The game deals with the story after Drama Season 1. However, since the contents of Season 2 have not been released yet, this part can be said later with the drama season 2.

Q. Siege and war, centered on the conflict between the federation and forces, are expected to be the end content. And most of these competitive MMORPGs eventually lead to P2W.

There was an MMORPG dealing with two forces or dealing with three forces, but this method of combining one mercenary forces in the two forces is probably the first in a popular game.

Ago and Medal lives a life of contributing to the forces by carrying out several forces missions, and the unlawful forces, which are another forces, play a role in the war as a mercenary of users who like war. It acts as a balance. According to the balance of the forces calculated by a certain cycle, the mercenary compensation for the weaker forces is fluctuated, and the lawless forces act as a mercenary in the weak and the balance between the two forces, and the political and economic disputes between the federation in the process. It will be a differentiation point of the game.

I can’t say that there is no influence on the P2W, but I think the characteristics of the game are changed by how much difference is made. To this end, it is the direction of the game that allows various users to enjoy the game by preparing a system that requires the help of the weak federation through the relationship between the Light Soy Federation and the Company Federation.

Q. Is it possible to have a party with other power users? On the contrary, I wonder if other forces can be indiscriminately PK.

= It is possible to have a party with other users of other forces and dungeons. Different forces do not require that communication between users is disconnected or parties are divided. In particular, ‘Medal Chronicles’ is aiming for the role-sharing party play of authentic MMORPG, so that EVE can expand the user pool as much as possible and cooperate freely.

PK depends on the nature of the field. In general, there are areas where other power PKS are available, and there are areas where there are areas where penalty is located, and party contents such as dungeons and villages cannot be PK.

Q. Is it right before the pioneering is the end content? What is the benefit of winning? Like other competitive MMORPGs, is it a way to take taxes and taxes? Are you going to enter the siege of other MMORPGs?

Pioneering is a server integration content that is held in the season at the time of some strong federation on the server. The pioneering exhibition in G-Star was developed in the form of an event using some rule of the pioneer. The end content of the federation is planned in the form of occupied, and the details are still undecided. In addition, war contents that participate in units of power are also planned.

Q. You can make a bridge with other users to go to a new area, or rebuild broken attractions or buildings. The same is true for the rebuilt building. I wonder if it can be destroyed again, and what benefits are.

= Some buildings are permanently maintained, and some buildings that do not. If you rebuild the collapsed legs, ports, etc., a new area can be opened, and quests that can only be performed in the area can be carried out. In addition, new manufacturing equipment based on specialty products that can only be obtained in the area can be produced. It is expected that you will be able to update the region and content directly with the power of users.

Q. I emphasized the point and adventure of Sorry, but it’s not just an adventure to walk around a large area. I think there should be a hidden area or a reward for adventure.

= There is also a fun that the users gather together to build a building by building a building by completing various adventurous elements by region. Of course, these adventures will naturally be followed.

Q. I’m curious about the impact of the natural environment on the game. I emphasized changes on day and night and changes in the weather. How do this affect battle or living content?

= There are items and monsters that appear as day and night and weather changes. In addition, there will be a collection or mining material that can obtain items necessary for the production of equipment, etc., which will have an important effect on the game.

Q. Due to the change in real time, the weather and the weather

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